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Analysis Consultants to the Construction Industry

Welcome to the wright consultancy

Analysis consultants to the construction industry

In the design and build process of any office or dwelling, there needs to be clear analysis of heat movement and sound infiltration. We use our expertise, combined with the latest technology, to assess, advise and report on your designs & buildings to all appropriate ISO standards.

Our technical lead & physicist, Matthew Wright (MA Oxon) headed an industry leading analysis department before starting out on his own in 2015. Since then we have grown with a team of analysts compiling 1D, 2D & 3D models from your drawings and material specs, for full heat loss & condensation point reports. In addition we offer WUFI (moisture movement over time) and other forms of detailed buildings risk analysis where needed upon request.

We believe that we are unique in the level of support, service and understanding we bring to our clients in their process. So we prefer to think of ourselves as your partner in the work rather than just another contract.

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What we do…

We are specialists in analysis. Taking a deep look at the environment and materials that you are building with and finding out how either heat or moisture is transferred according to UK ISO standards. Lead by our founder and physicist , Matthew Wright (MA Oxon), our experienced team will give you full analysis reports from the drawings and data you provide.

Our expertise includes projects from:

The intricacies of listed buildings in the UK require the specific knowledge and experience that we have acquired through projects on some of the UK’s most prestigious buildings.

We help local builders navigate the daunting world of NHBC and ISO standards and make sure you have all the required analysis to make your build a success. The building inspector will love that the design and development, and ultimately, your materials, will meet the requirements.

Dealing with some of the largest building development companies in the UK & Europe, we have considerable understanding of how to efficiently take city projects through to completion.

Some would see government projects as another layer of administration to cope with – but because we know what we are doing – no problem! 

What Our Clients Say

We like to see our clients as partners. Our approach is not just a job to fulfil your contract, but to engage, advise and support you in the project process.

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“I am pleased to have found a company for whom client focus is the centre of everything…”

Reuben Price
Operations Director

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“The Wright Consultancy are approachable and affordable, we will draw on their expertise and professionalism to help develop our designs…”

Gavin Hutton
Technical Director

Our Projects

Our customers are as diverse as the buildings they construct, but all need to meet the ISO standards that show heat transfer, moisture levels / condensation risk and acoustic impact of any build project.  See how we have approached these examples…

Taylor Wimpey

Thermal modeller for the Taylor Wimpey’s initial range of bespoke Psi-values.

The calculations were for the full range of Taylor Wimpey’s junction details, based on Accredited Details. The details covered traditional masonry, timber frame, six wall build ups, 3 floor types and numbered 120 details in total. Supplementary details were calculated to cover the introduction of Party Wall junctions.

The focus was on calculating Psi-values for the various specifications, which, with some judicious minor alterations, will produce lower Psi-values than generic system values.

This approach has been repeated for several clients and allows them to build the details that they prefer, and have junctions represented in the regulations appropriately.

Stewart Milne

Involvement in Stewart Milne’s industry leading closed panel timber frame system, Sigma II. This system is highly engineered, and has required thermal and value engineering, to optimise the build system.

U-values, condensation risk calculations and 2D and 3D numerical thermal modelling have all been employed in the development of their product.

The Sigma II system has been used to great effect on the AIMC4 project. This project is pioneering the delivery of volume-built, low-carbon housing. Calculations for wall panels of condensation risk, wall U-value and junction Psi-values have been needed in order to meeting the exacting standards required with this pioneering commercial system.


Fleetwood Architectural Aluminium required a dynamic thermal model of a glazed facade and lift shaft. The lift shaft was passively ventilated and otherwise unconditioned. The project was to predict the air temperature, and provide a solution which kept the air temperature within the lift manufacturer’s specified range.

A fluid flow network within ESP-r software allowed a model to be constructed that was both; able to predict responses to wind, temperature, convection and solar driven stack effects, whilst also being light and flexible in calculation.

This allowed a solution comprising a solar control glass and a simple combination of a pair of vents to keep the lift shaft within operating parameters.


Our talented leaders

Matthew Wright
Chief Analyst & CEO
Matthew has experience in the world of physics (MA Oxon), ancient building restoration, and on site buildings management. He moved into thermal analysis with bespoke Psi-value calculations for SAP assessments and Passive Haus for medium to large volume house builders and special projects. After 7 years working for a consultancy, Matthew established himself as an independent consultant completing complex building designs. He is our technical lead, using his considerable knowledge to handle any complex and unique detail in the construction industry.
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Trefor Jones
Team Leader & COO
Trefor joined The Wright Consultancy in July 2015, his tertiary education includes electrical and mechanical engineering, mathematics and physics. He has had varied experience during his working career including director of a youth charity, management in an intensive production environment and several years working in the USA. While involved in thermal modelling as an aid to Matthew, his focus is on business development, and project management. He oversees the Analyst Team. ​Trefor is the looks of the operation - think “The Face” in the A-Team!
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Deany Wright
Deany is the financial brains behind The Wight Consultancy. She is just one of those people who gets the numbers right and keeps us all on track. Prior to becoming and essential part of the TWC leadership team, Deany ran her own education business.

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