Impact House, Croydon


Originally built as an office building, Impact House was being transformed to change the use to residential purposes. Being centrally located to Corydon’s town centre made this building an ideal candidate for change-of-use. Keeping the parts that are good and replacing all that needs to be is a very cost effective way to not only breathe new life into the building but also helps ensure that the new use complies with more stringent regulations. 

Key Challenges

  • No CAD files were available for the existing walls
  • Photographs and hand-drawn diagrams were all that were available

The Brief

  • To calculate the U-value of the current wall to determine some of the design requirements for the re-cladding
  • Report the results in a short time scale as a simple 1D model 

Our Approach

We talked with the client and discussed the issue at hand and the requirements for the modelling

Taking the hand-drawn diagrams, the photos and the material specifications supplied we built a computer model in BuildDesk.

We then reported the U-value


We were able to build and run the model and report back within one working day.

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