One The Square


Following two years of detailed public consultation the masterplan for developing the heart of Cambridge was put into action. A central aspect of this development was the mixed-use landmark that is known as One The Square.

Key Challenges

  • This creative and interesting design included some rather complex steel cruciform junctions.
  • The main challenge was the shape of the 3D cruciform junction, it was very complex. With multiple steel beams of varying dimensions, some of which penetrate the building envelope, it required considerable modelling to get it right.

The Brief

  • Create a complex 3D model of a cruciform steel junction
  • Run the model with several variations in insulation to show what is required to avoid condensation risk
  • Report the results with graphic and textual evidence

Our Approach

Reviewing the drawings to understand the form of the 3D structure took some time but with phone conversations with the client we were able to build an accurate model.

We then ran the model with varying amounts of insulation to show which option was the best in terms of cost effectiveness. 


We were able to show that reducing the amount of insulation made no difference to the risk of condensation.

This enabled the contractor to save time and money by using the correct amount of insulation for the design rather than applying too much for no added benefit.

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