Corporate developments

We partner with your process

We know that in major developments that your architect(s) will provide you with beautiful ideas and drawings to match. You may even have 3D videos and physical models to inspire you. But then you need to find the right construction specialist to spec the materials to make this vision a reality, and then comes the tricky task of proving that these materials are both right for the structure at hand AND fit the vision of the design.  In the midst of this dilemma there are numerous standards that need to be achieved in order to be assured that your project meets the requirements of UK buildings inspections . This is where The Wright Consultancy comes in. We partner with you, your contractors and architects to understand the design and proposed materials for the build, then provide the required reports in the areas of thermal transfer, moisture / condensation analysis and acoustic movement within the structure. Our consultancy will not just give you the facts of the outcome, but from our wealth of experience, we will work with you to find suggestions and solutions if any issues are found.

Please have a look at some of our previous work to see how will work with you: 

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