Small build developments

Getting the materials right

If you are a small build / domestic housing developer you will be familiar with your local building inspector and their demands. And quite rightly so, we all want to make sure that buildings are made correctly – and The Wright Consultancy is here to help you in the process. With specific skills in analysis of thermal movement and moisture / condensation risk, we can provide you with reports based on your proposed materials along with the details of you drawings, in order to fulfil the inspection requirements. We are also here to advise and support you if there are any issues where the materials do not meet the standards. This is quite common as materials become greener and better at insulating, the condensation point moves and can cause significant problems, especially where conversions and extensions meet older / different materials in a previous build.

Building a Passivhaus?

If you are looking to build a ‘Passivhaus’, or similar construction, you will be very interested in ensuring your desired design meets the very high standards required. Our Psi / U-Value reporting will give you the specific results you need to be certain your build will meet your high expectations.

Our service will not only give you the reports you need, but we will also provide you with advice on appropriate design changes to meet your targets on your desired design. It’s what we do! We would love to chat through your needs so that you can be sure you are getting what you require. Our initial conversation is at no cost to you, so what have you got to lose? Connect with us today:

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