Analyst Team

Matthew Wright
Chief Analyst & CEO
Matthew has experience in the world of physics, ancient building restoration, and on site buildings management. He moved into thermal analysis with bespoke Psi-value calculations for SAP assessments and Passive Haus for medium to large volume house builders and special projects. After 7 years working for a consultancy, Matthew established himself as an independent consultant completing complex building designs. He is our technical lead, using his considerable knowledge to handle any complex and unique detail in the construction industry.
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Trefor Jones
Team Leader & COO
Trefor joined The Wright Consultancy in July 2015, his tertiary education includes electrical and mechanical engineering, mathematics and physics. He has had varied experience during his working career including director of a youth charity, management in an intensive production environment and several years working in the USA. While involved in thermal modelling as an aid to Matthew, his focus is on business development, and project management. He oversees the Analyst Team.​Trefor is the looks of the operation - think “The Face” in the A-Team!
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Izaac Bedford
Analyst & Project Lead
Izaac joined The Wright Consultancy in 2022 holding a FdSc in Mechanical Engineering, and is working part time towards his BEng. He assists Trefor Jones with the project management side of this on the larger corporate business. Izaac specialises in producing 2D and 3D thermal models in along with any additional spreadsheet calculations as required for the analysis. He is a very willing team member who will have a go at anything else that is pushed in his direction.
David Taylor
David is one of those super technical guys that is just great to have on your team - but is somewhat camera shy. So we used the image of another David instead! Our David is our 1D & 2D specialist and does a good deal of report writing too.
Peter Brook
Peter started working at the Wright Consultancy in March 2021. He has developed a keen understanding of thermal modelling analysis, producing high quality 2D and 3D models and presenting the information clearly in the report deliverables. Peter's wide range of project experience enables him to overcome issues and provide effective insight in his analysis.
Bethany Tweddle
Bethany joined TWC in 2019 while completing her Masters in Physics at Durham University. She has that essential intuition required as a Buildings Physicist and is growing daily in the specific knowledge that TWC has to offer. Beth is a natural, picking up the the complex software we use and is a key member of the team... we know Beth will go far in this industry!
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